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The NS9 has been motivated by the ‘Yinzers’ of Pittsburgh sports for years which has helped inspire us to create this website. This here is our dedication to the Yinzer that stands out the most for the past week. If you come across any yinzers on twitter, make sure to tweet us using the hashtag #YOTW and you can nominate them yourselves. We present you this week’s Yinzer Of The Week:

Tonight's YOTW goes to a person exemplifying exactly what has been grinding my gears lately. I made an attempt to keep this year's Yinzer Of The Week more lighthearted and fun. Tonight, it isn't quite going that route. This offseason has shown just how divided this fanbase is (thanks mostly to Pittsburgh Radio) and we've seen the worst of people on and off twitter. There

have been a plethora amount of people telling people how they need to be a fan. Whether it is going to the game or not going to the game these people have a particular opinion and make sure to tell everyone who opposes it that they're wrong. Tonight was no different with Cutch back in town as the seats were filled. On the left is a tweet by a t shirt site calling out fans who went to the game. 

Apparently they believe that the people at the game haven't been to one since the mid 90's with the Merced & Martin 'joke'. They feel that it was wrong of people to go because it will fill Bob Nutting's wallet, so because that man owns a business the people of Pittsburgh cannot enjoy themselves. You know, because sports is really that important on the laundry list of things in life. 

What I think is funny is when you go to this t shirt site, it is loaded with designs of Bob Nutting. When you realize that the policing they are doing helps their business makes it all the greater.

So basically, they are calling out all the people that       decide they want to spend their money on a baseball game instead of one of their shirt designs (which why wouldn't you get one at PGH Clothing Company anyway?)

If you feel like you want to see a player who did so much for Pittsburgh because you would love to see him one more time, because he became your child's hero, or maybe because it's a nice night out and a great day for baseball, then you are being a problem to the entire city of Pittsburgh.

The Classy Yinzer making sure to police people on how to be a fan is a perfect reason there is so much animosity among fans in this city and why they have made themselves this week's YOTW. 

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