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Starbucs - Why Derek?

Pirates won two out of three vs the Indians, although it wasn't real pretty. We recap the series highlighted the almost loss with a 10 run lead, the comeback in the second game, and the game Shelton lost.

With that said, we have some words about Shelton's performance. As much of a pass as we may have been giving him this year due to the circumstances of the team and last season, he really is starting to show his colors again. The latest is taking Bubaker out of the game with just 76 pitches in which they ended up losing.

Next, we talk talk on something which seemed to be a hot topic yesterday on twitter, Bryan Reynolds. Just how good has he been? Do the Pirates look to extend him? Trade him? What would a return be?

Lastly, it is once again #RoasnyDay but we touch more on Oneil Cruz who has been determined by Ben Cherington will see more time in Altoona while playing other positions while there.

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