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Starbucs - No More Coffee

This past week has been one hell of a week for Gregory Polanco but it has become official that his tenure with the Pirates has come to an end. Was this handled properly? Is is the right move? Jim & DiNardo have slightly different opinions on it. However, their opinion is strongly the same about the player who is getting the call in his place.

Yoshi fever is sweeping Pittsburgh and even though Jim has no idea what songs Phil Collins has, we are liking everything we are seeing from him to this point. We dive into Yoshi's numbers and performance compared to his previous tenures with the Rays and Dodger.

We then talk on Pittsburgh deciding to relieve Rick Eckstein of his duties as hitting coach and it apparently came from Derek Shelton and why it was the right move to make.

Lastly, we wrap up the show as we also do talking about the farm and the weeks that Quinn Priester and Nick Gonzales are having.

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