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Starbucs - 2022 & Pitching Depth

The weather in Pittsburgh may be as hot as the Pirates over the last 10 games. Taking 3 out of 4 from the Cardinals, Reynolds, Frazier, & Ke have been instrumental in this teams recent performance. Question is, once Frazier is traded how will this team perform going forward?

Well, Jim thinks it would be smart to look at 2022 as the year the Pirates should make some moves and not wait until 2023. Should one or maybe even two former Bucs be on the radar and how would this team shape in 2022 if Cherington decided to make a few additions to this club for short term & long term improvements?

Let's again dive into the farm system and look at the returns of a healthy Nick Gonzales & Liover Peguero. This farm's pitching has been pretty outstanding of late as well and could essentially become some real depth within this organization. Find out who is climbing the ranks and getting on people's radar.

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