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#NS9LIVE! - The Goat Is Back

Pittsburgh has been anticipating June 3rd for some time now and it finally arrived. Young Hayes has made his return to the Pirates roster and didn't disappoint tonight. Hayes went 2-4 with a triple and plenty of defensive plays to get a fanbase excited (to the degree of excitement you can get this fanbase) once again.

Not only was it Hayes return but a former friend in Starling Marte returned to Pittsburgh for the first time since being traded to the Diamondbacks. With his return came a radio hosts terrible comments once again which lead a bit of the old NS9 to come out.

Howard, Crick, Holmes, and RichRod had a solid outing tonight and all have been doing it quite differently this year. Crick continues to fascinate as his overall numbers look good even though nobody inside the white lines has any idea where his pitch will end. His spin rates remain completely off the charts which leads into our final discussion... has appeared to make an effort to crack down on foreign substance usage for these pitchers who appear to have been using for quite some time with a blind eye. Going forward, if caught, players will be suspended for 10 games. Will MLB truly enforce this? How? Who will be the first? Also, an article that Travis Sawchik released today goes into much greater depth of research in regards to how these substances really effect pitching.

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