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#NS9LIVE! - Salary Cap, Rotation, & Topps

Well after seeing what deliciousness was on his TV last week during the Field Of Dreams game, DiNardo decides to make an Apple Pie Hot Dog and try it live on the show and though Jim & Tyler already determine it to be trash.

From there, we move forward with Pirates talk. JT Brubaker and Mitch Keller have been quite bad this year and we feel there is a need to make a similar move with both of them. MLB 'leaked' their proposal on a salary floor while lowering the luxury tax threshold. While DiNardo was quite passionate about the entire situation, you can find out why Tyler & Jim just simply don't care that much about the proposal to begin with.

Lastly, MLB announces that Topps will no longer have its license for baseball cards as it has gone with the highest bidder - Fanatics.

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