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#NS9LIVE! - Pirates Drop 8th Straight

It has not been a fun week watching the Pirates. After Adam Wainwright threw a 1 hit Maddux, the team followed it up with just a 2-hitter and then a 7-6 to close out the series sweep. Anthony Alford's return has now lead to 10 strikeouts in 17 at bats. Rodolfo Castro is looking completely overmatched.

Speaking about not having fun, comments by JT Brubaker after this game is sitting quite uneasy with some of us, especially after the comments Mitch Keller made about his previous start that ended in bad results. Is there something bigger brewing here or should we just shrug these off?

Jake Arrieta was released today by the Cubs and we have Tyler to thank as we relive a little about 2015 season and Wild Card game. What could have happened....

Also, don't forget to check out our 4th year of the Pirates Charities Bag Raffle. Go to our link below to learn more:

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