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#NS9LIVE! - No More Baseball

Well, it came at no surprise but as of today it is official - MLB and the MLBPA are in a lockout. Before we get into this, we still have some frustrations at the Pirates chosen path to this season as well as what looks to be the 2023 season, meanwhile the Cubs who looked to be starting their rebuild this past deadline just signed Yan Gomes and Marcus Stroman to multi-year deals.

Now that we are past our aggravation, let's direct more aggravation towards the MLB and the lockout. We discuss why there is a current lockout, why we feel both sides are entrenched and won't be looking to back down, how long we think this will last, and more.

Lastly, this past week was pretty exciting for the MLB in regards to the action of Free Agent Signings and trades that were made. Could MLB create something in the future that would mirror this week every season? We spitball some ideas and discussion around it.

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