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NS9 X NFT - Intro To NFT's & The Future Of Sports Revenue

On our first NS9 x NFT DiNardo is going by Thong of Trash Katz & PodHub Network and we talk about the potential of outside sources to provide major revenue for professional sports such as the new NFT craze as well as sports betting.

Recently, Dabber has teamed with the NBA to create NBA Top Shot as their source of NFT’s which has been a major success. More recently, Topps has just released their very first NFT on April 20th. Was it a success? I discuss my personal experience with each.

Also, Charles Barkley was heard saying in a previous conversation with a team owner that the wave of sports betting is going to be so major that soon enough TV revenue won’t even matter to them. With the recent news that PA's handle has gone up by over 200%, DiNardo discusses how this can look for MLB and since sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania now he discusses this article even further.

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