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North Shore Nine was founded by Ryan Alexander and Anthony DiNardo in the spring of 2016.


Our mission is to provide fans insight and analysis of the daily happenings of the Pittsburgh Pirates. We are driven by our passion for the game of baseball and to counteract the Yinzers lazy thinking that every move the Pirates make is the wrong one.

For any questions or comments, please email us at northshorenine@gmail.com. Now, here’s our award-winning staff…






I’ve been a Pirates fan for as long as I can remember when my Dad took me to games at Three Rivers Stadium in the late 80’s and early 90’s. My little 10-year-old heart broke for the first time on October 14, 1992 while watching Game 7 of the ’92 NLCS. I recall my Dad kicking his Pirates hat down the hallway when the Pirates brought Stan Belinda in from the bullpen and I remember the heartbreak when…well you know the rest.


I grew up the next 20 years watching this team finish in last place year and year while chasing that elusive .500 record that they never seemed to get close to, and I began wondering if I’d ever experience a playoff game in my lifetime. That all changed on October 1, 2013 when the Pirates defeated the Reds in a one-game wildcard playoff to advance to the NLDS. I was there in attendance on that glorious night to experience the craziest atmosphere I’ve ever seen at any sporting event. Twenty one years of frustration and emotion built up for an intense playoff experience that I know I’ll never witness again.

I’ve been there through it all: From the awful draft picks and salary dumps to the opening of the jewel of the North Shore to the record-breaking number of consecutive losing seasons to finally the recent winning years, I’ve been following this team and that will never change. Nothing appeals to me more than visiting PNC Park to watch the North Shore Nine take the field.

I grew up in Western PA and graduated with a Journalism and Communications degree from IUP in 2005. My career spans a number of different industries, but started in sports with minor league baseball teams, then in higher education and then the casino industry. I am the co-founder and editor of the North Shore Nine.






I was born in New Jersey but moved to a town outside of Pittsburgh in the early 90’s. While my family was moving into our new home, I was forced to watch TV on a 7” portable that only received a few stations. Turned out I was able to watch my first dose of baseball those nights, which just so happen to be the ‘92 NLCS. Yes, my introduction to my favorite sports team provided the longest nightmare I ever endured in my life, however through all the turmoil I am here proudly stating I am an avid Pirates fan.

Growing up, basketball was my first love. Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton and the rest of the Seattle Sonics were the shiznit to me. You would have no problem trying to find me either. I was probably at the nearest basketball court mastering all the And1 moves (at least that’s the story I’m going to tell you) or having a 3-on-3 tourney in my driveway while Nas was blasting ‘You Can Hate Me Now.’ Fast forward years later and you can find me counting down the days til Pitchers and Catchers report while reminiscing how Dave Stewart dismantled the Diamondbacks.

I now reside in Jacksonville, FL, and love almost every aspect of it. The one thing I truly miss is the city of Pittsburgh. I still make sure I find my way to the North Shore at least once a year to catch the Buccos, while also catching them often at Marlins Park and their Spring Training tour across the sunshine state. Over the years I have truly felt that baseball needs an infusion of young fresh faces. The “good ole boys” mentality is really putting a strain on the sport and its relationship with the audience. Much like many facets of life, change is what brings on forward movement, and I really want to help contribute into that.

I intend to provide a fresh look into all things Pirates and challenge Yinzer Nation to their stale, outdated and complete unoriginal viewpoints. Pittsburgh is certainly one of the most passionate cities when it comes to their sports teams. It’s time a couple of fresh faces provide them the truthful insight to what is now the best team in town (this was written before the 2016 season). Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the North Shore Nine!






I’ve been a Pirates fan for as long as I can remember. I attended my first game at Three Rivers Stadium when I was about 2 weeks old. My parents even had a VHS recording of a Pirates game to put on if I started acting up as a toddler to calm me down. Which is weird, because Pirates games now usually have the opposite effect.


Unfortunately for me, the team I was born to love wasn’t very good. For a long time. Like, a really long time. But throughout all the losing, I’d attend multiple game at Three Rivers and then at PNC Park before leaving the Pittsburgh area for Louisville, KY in 2005 to attend college.


Not being in Pittsburgh made it difficult to get my Pirates fix, especially in the times before sites like Twitter. So at that point, I decided to launch a Pirates blog, North Side Notch. The reason for the site was to give myself an excuse to watch as many games as I could and keep up with everything that was happening throughout the organization. To my surprise, people actually read the website from time to time!


Twitter allowed me to connect even more with Pirates fans not only in Pittsburgh but throughout the country. It became a daily routine to get together with the Pirates community every night while watching the game. I’m still in Louisville but I typically make it back to Pittsburgh for one home stand a year, and I try to catch the team in Cincinnati when they hit the road. I no longer have a Pirates blog, but I still love interacting with Pirates fans on Twitter and have become friends with many of them.


I am excited to join the North Shore Nine to share my thoughts and opinions on the Bucs and hopefully I can provide some value and entertainment to those of you who love the Pirates as much as I do.

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